About Us

Meeting with Nakajima Chemical Co.,

In May 2023, I traveled to Nagoya, Japan, where I met with the team at Nakajima Chemical Co. The purpose of our meeting was twofold: to strengthen our partnership and to discuss the possibility of manufacturing massage products under the Eroticgel brand, taking advantage of their extensive expertise in this field.

Nakajima Chemical Co., established in 1973, has been involved in the planning, manufacturing, and selling of niche products, cosmetics, and functional items in the special product department. Their motto, “Chemistry of entertainment,” reflects their commitment to creating innovative and unique offerings. They gained recognition for their creation and production of Pepee Lotion, and their experience of over 70 years has earned them global respect for their inventive ideas and production capabilities.

I am eagerly looking forward to collaborating with Nakajima Chemical Co. to develop and expand Eroticgel into a renowned global brand specializing in all aspects of erotic massage.

Meeting with Nuru in Indonesia

Indonesia hosts Erotic Gel, where I was warmly invited to meet the company responsible for distributing my range of Erotic Gel products. During my visit to their facilities and meeting the dedicated team, I gained great confidence in their expertise to effectively sell, promote, and offer exceptional service for all Nuru-related items. With their guidance, the popularity and acceptance of all things Nuru are set to soar, becoming more mainstream.

Saying farewell to my business acquaintances in Indonesia also meant bidding adieu to the formation of a profound friendship. The leaders behind Nuru in Indonesia share a remarkably similar vision to mine, and I eagerly anticipate our joint growth as we move forward together. As I departed for Australia, I carried with me not only business connections but the promise of a strong and enduring partnership.

Exclusivity in Vietnam

Erotic Gel has found its place in Vietnam. The demand for Nuru-related products in Vietnam is remarkable, and I have been supplying various companies in the region for several years. However, I am delighted to announce my partnership with Mộc Nhiên, as their strong presence in the Vietnamese market and potential for growth made the decision an easy one.

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Vietnam to solidify this partnership and put faces to the names behind the company. The hospitality I received was truly heartwarming, and I can envision myself making regular visits to Vietnam in the future. Not only for business purposes but also to explore the warmth and vibrancy of the country.

Though conducting international business and operating a company in Japan present their fair share of challenges, I am confident in the decisions made thus far. Through testing other products on the market, I firmly believe that Erotic Gel holds a competitive edge. Its Vegan certification and “Made in Japan” label are not the only reasons, but also because the product fosters long-term satisfaction among its customers.

Meet Mari

We were fortunate to collaborate with Mari during our recent production of promotional videos and images in Japan. Mari is a highly talented individual with a respected following in her industry, particularly known for her expertise in providing Nuru Massage. Her elegant yet sensual demeanor makes her the perfect fit to serve as an ambassador for Eroticgel. It was a pleasure working together, and we are excited about the prospect of future collaborations.

Mari embodies the essence of “class” and “sensuality” that we aimed to capture in our new logo and packaging design. With her invaluable assistance, we are embracing the challenge of becoming a global leader in providing products for “Sensual Massage.” Our commitment to quality is unwavering, and with Mari’s endorsement, customers can rest assured that Eroticgel delivers a premium product supported wholeheartedly by its Director.

Manufacturer and Sole Distributor of Eroticgel Products and Pepee Distributor for Australia. Formally known as Eroticgel Australia.

In August, I had the opportunity to meet the owner of N.P.G. in Japan and solidify our partnership of three years with a formal meetup. Through this, I became the leading international seller of Pepee Lotion outside of Japan. With the approval of Nakajima Co., I, as a brand owner, gained access to selling Pepee Lotion on global e-commerce platforms such as Amazon.

I created the brand Eroticgel which focuses on Japanese-made natural massage products at an affordable price for both B2B and B2C. A focus on wholesaling and distribution within Australia and international sales through online marketplaces.

Zachary Castle – CEO of Paladin Knight Pty Ltd.

Paulatim, little by little.

An ethos I lived by for seven years as a Medic in the Australian Army, an ethos I am applying to business.

My name is Zachary Castle, the creator of the Eroticgel brand, distributor of Pepee Lotion and C.E.O. of Paladin Knight Pty Ltd.

At 18, I enlisted as a medic, making it to the rank of corporal and completing my Bachelor of Clinical Practice at Charles Sturt University while still serving. During this time, I experienced varying levels of adversity and challenges that I had no other option but to become resilient and overcome. During this time, I was fortunate to deploy as a platoon medic to Afghanistan for nine months, bringing new challenges.

On my return from Afghanistan, I required a change in direction and to find peace, so I qualified as a CELTA teacher and travelled to Sapporo, Japan, for one year. I still lacked meaningful purpose during this time, so I returned to Australia to start my own company.

With my connection with Japan and my desire to start a business, I started my brand of massage products, which are now globally accessible. The company continues to grow, and I desire to establish my presence in my specific industry.

Transition from Eroticgel Australia to Paladin Knight Pty Ltd

As a child, my father had a company named ‘Black Knight’. Although this company would, in the end, prove not to be a success, I still hold many fond childhood memories of working with my father. With this, I pay homage to my father, who had supported me greatly in my life, especially in the dark days when I was suffering from my mental illness. A paladin is also chivalrous and heroic and will be a reminder to keep moving forward, and regardless of other companies work ethos, I will stand true to mine.