2023 Founded Pure Crafts, a Japanese company focused on wellness products that appeal to more people.
2021 Rebranded as Paladin Knight Pty Ltd.
2018 Established the massage gel brand Eroticgel and started business.
2017 Stayed in Hokkaido and Sapporo for one year. Learned Japanese and gained a deeper understanding of Japanese society.
2015 Obtained a Bachelor of Clinical Practice.
2008 Joined the Australian Army as a Combat Medic.
1990 Born in Perth, Australia.


We acknowledge the growing demand in society for sustainable wellness products and aim to offer high-quality ingredients and items that foster a deeper connection between people and the world. Our dedication lies in ensuring customer satisfaction and enhancing user experience by integrating organic and vegan wellness alternatives, conducting thorough market research, and implementing strategic marketing initiatives.

Representative message

I established the brand Eroticgel, specializing in affordable Japanese-made natural massage products tailored for both B2B and B2C markets. Our primary focus is on wholesaling and distribution in Australia, with additional international sales facilitated through online marketplaces.

Our philosophy is encapsulated in the belief, “It’s not what you put in your product, but what you decide to leave out.” We offer a natural alternative to conventional massage gels and powders, prioritizing safety and quality. Our aim was to develop a product that instills confidence in users, ensuring that when they scrutinize the ingredient list, they find reassurance in the absence of harmful substances. All our products are water-based, and free from parabens and glycerine.