A Nuru massage uses a special, extremely slippery gel that is often derived from seaweed to do a whole-body-to-body sexual massage. It is completely safe to use because it has no flavour, aroma, or colour. A Nuru massage is typically provided in an erotic environment rather than a therapeutic massage setting since the full-body touch is both calming and energizing. Japanese Nuru gel, a specialized slippery material that amplifies tactile sensations, is used in Nuru massages to improve the experience.

What Japanese Nuru Massage is?

Japanese-style bodywork, known as “nuru massage”, is sensual and intimate. It entails using a specialized seaweed gel that produces a slippery surface for an exceptional body-to-body massage encounter between the massage practitioner and recipient. With a focus on fostering physical and emotional connection, this kind of massage is renowned for its capacity to improve intimacy and relaxation.

Japanese Nuru gel is abundantly applied to both the giver’s and the receiver’s bodies, enabling a smooth glide and improved physical chemistry. The practitioner utilizes their entire body to rub and glide against the receiver while giving the massage, producing a profoundly calming and extremely delightful sensation. The massage gel hydrates the skin, leaving it supple and nourished while also enhancing the experience.

This gel gives the massage a new depth by nourishing the skin and amplifying the feelings, making it both beneficial and enjoyable. To maximize skin-to-skin contact during the procedure and foster a strong sense of trust and vulnerability amongst the participants, both partners must be entirely naked.

How is Japanese Nuru Massage done?

The nuru massage method is essentially just body-to-body contact and rubbing with the addition of Japanese Nuru oil to provide a smooth and enticing sensation. The Japanese term for paint is “nuru.” In this technique, two people “paint” oil or gel on each other to generate high heat. Then, one person lies on their back while the other glides their body from the bottom to the top, stroking the erogenous areas as they go.

The silkiness of the Nuru lube mixed with the practitioner’s deft motions provides a very sensual experience. The technique attempts to stimulate the senses, release stress, and foster a strong bond between the participants.

The setting has been thoughtfully created to promote comfort and relaxation. Japanese Nuru massage can offer a fresh approach to relaxing and experiencing heightened feelings via the beautiful touch of this ancient therapy.

Steps to perform the Japanese Nuru Massage

The body movements used to provide a pleasurable and calming experience are listed below. Recognize that bringing your whole presence is one of the most effective things you can do to enrich our spiritual journey together.

Organize the area

The use of your bedding for this sexual massage is pointless. Instead, prepare a special bed sheet made of thick flannel, which is a great choice for absorbing extra Japanese nuru oil and keeping the massage receiver warm.

Become slippy

Applying the Japanese nuru gel beforehand is necessary since it wouldn’t be a true Nuru massage. Check the instructions for your specific product because some require water dilution while others can be used immediately.

After liberally applying oil to your skin, lavishly cover your partner’s body with the opulent Nuru gel. It may take some time to become acclimated to the new feelings and less friction.

Complete body glide

Before delving into the numerous erotic massage techniques, be aware that a Nuru massage necessitates complete body touch. Start by having your partner’s back to you and moving your body down it. Lift some of your body weight with your hands while enjoying the sensations.

Rotate your companion

The next step in giving your lover a massage is to turn them around so they are facing you. Move your body slowly across their front. Touch them all over your body, paying special attention to their most delicate parts. Consider how wonderful it is to touch their skin by applying Japanese nuru gel.

Scissor glide

With one leg in between your partners’, start to open and close your legs while kneading on their thighs. To increase closeness, lean in close and pay attention to their breathing.

Improve the touch

Start honing the Nuru massage after having fun massaging your partner’s body. Use your hands to make broad, sweeping motions that are more akin to conventional massages rather than employing your full body.

Benefits of Japanese Nuru massage

As your partner’s skin is moisturized and muscles are relaxed, let the Nuru massage gel work its magic. Explore Nuru massage with your partner for these potent advantages.

Strengthen the Bond

A Nuru massage offers much more than just sensual pleasure. Japanese Nuru oil helps you and your partner develop a strong bond. It is a chance to connect deeply and improve your well-being all around.

Enhanced Sensuality

The sensual overtones of Japanese nuru gel are well-known. Intimacy and increased sensuality are fostered by the practitioner and recipient’s close physical touch, perhaps rekindling emotional bonds.

Perfect Relaxation

Deep, therapeutic strokes are combined with sensual body-to-body contact in a Nuru massage. The Nuru massage gel powder produces an exhilarating sensation that removes all your tension.

Better blood Circulation

The massage’s light pressure and friction assist to promote blood circulation, which facilitates the transport of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Improvements in general health and vigour may result from using Japanese Nuru oil.

Stress reduction

A Nuru massage combines the physical and mental components of relaxation to provide a special kind of stress reduction. Endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals, are released as a result, leaving you with a profound sensation of peace and satisfaction.

Nuru massages provide a foundation for genuine connection. In a partnership, passion doesn’t have to diminish. To ensure a safe and comfortable experience and to fully benefit from massage gel powder., it is crucial to work with qualified specialists.


  1. What is Nuru massage used for?

    It is mostly used to relax and improve intimacy and is said to strengthen emotional ties between mates. Even though it is not medically prescribed, some people believe it improves circulation and reduces stress.

  2. What is Nuru massage oil used for?

    Nuru massages, a Japanese sensual practice, use Nuru lube primarily for its distinctive and pleasurable qualities. This specialized oil improves participant body-to-body contact and aids in generating a smooth glide. Using it enhances the massage experience’s closeness and relaxation.

  3. What are the ingredients in Nuru?

    The major component of this product is Nori seaweed extract, which is frequently combined with water, emollients, and thickeners such as chamomile or aloe vera. The resultant slick texture makes body-to-body massages possible. Nuru is renowned for its sensual and exotic applications in romantic interactions.

  4. What lotion is used for Nuru massage?

    A particular gel or lotion, frequently manufactured from organic seaweed extracts, is commonly used in naru massage. A smooth and sensual massage is made possible by this special lubricant, which improves the body-to-body encounter.

  5. Does Nuru gel wash off easily?

    Nuru gel is made to be simple to clean up. Due to its water-based nature, it can be removed with ease and does not leave behind any sticky residue. This improves how relaxing and enjoyable a Nuru massage is all around.