Eroticgel Inflatable Waterproof Massage Sheet with Handles 205cm x 156cm x12cm (80.7″ x 61.4″ x 4.7″)

Introducing our innovative Inflatable Massage Sheet with Handles! Designed to take your relaxation and pleasure to new heights, this versatile sheet offers an exciting and hassle-free spillproof experience. We have included the addition of handles on all sides to assist when things get a little too ‘slippery’. Crafted from durable vinyl, it ensures easy maintenance and longevity.

Find a flat surface, inflate the sheet, and let your imagination run wild. When you’re done, the quick-release valve makes cleanup a breeze. Pair it with our Nuru Massage Gel for a sensational and easy-to-clean experience. Indulge in ultimate comfort and intimacy with our Inflatable Massage Sheet, the perfect companion for sensual adventures.


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Unpack the massage sheet from the box and find a flat and clean surface to lay it down to. Position the massage sheet in a suitable location, either on the bed or on the floor, ensuring there are no sharp objects nearby that could damage the mattress.



Locate the air valve to inflate the borders of the massage sheet. Using an air pump or electric inflator, attach the nozzle and inflate the massage sheet to your desired firmness. Avoid over inflating to ensure comfort.


Test and Adjust

Test the borders for comfort and support. If needed, make adjustments by adding or releasing air to achieve the desired firmness and support level. Once you're comfortable, enjoy your Nuru Massage on the massage sheet.


Deflate and Store

When finished, deflate the massage sheet by opening the air valve and removing the air using an appropriate tool or by rolling it tightly to expel the air. Ensure the sheet is clean and 100% dry before storing to prevent mold and mildew.


L 205cm x W 156cm x H 12cm / L 80.7″ x W 61.4″ x 4.7″ inflatable massage sheet


The massage sheet is made from smooth surface material to slip and slide freely with Nuru Gel, allowing retention of Nuru Gel on your body.

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Quick-release valve for inflation/ deflation



Portable, compact, and durable



Includes repair kit

How do I clean the Inflatable Massage Sheet?

The vinyl material of the Inflatable Massage Sheet is easy to clean. After use, simply wipe it down with a mild soap and water solution. Rinse off any residue and pat dry with a towel. It is important to keep the sheet clean and dry for its longevity.


Is the Inflatable Massage Sheet durable?

Yes, the Inflatable Massage Sheet is made from durable vinyl material, which is designed to withstand regular use. However, it is still important to handle it with care and avoid sharp objects that may puncture the sheet.


Can I use the Inflatable Massage Sheet with massage oils or other lubricants?

The Inflatable Massage Sheet is primarily designed to be used with the Nuru Massage Gel, which is water-soluble and non-sticky. While it may be possible to use other compatible lubricants, it is recommended to test a small area first to ensure compatibility and easy cleanup.


Is the Inflatable Massage Sheet suitable for outdoor use?

The Inflatable Massage Sheet is primarily designed for indoor use. While it is made from durable material, it is not specifically designed to withstand outdoor conditions such as direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, or rough surfaces.


How do I deflate and pack up the Inflatable Massage Sheet?

Packing up the Inflatable Massage Sheet is easy with the quick-release valve. Simply open the valve to release the air and deflate the sheet. Once deflated, carefully fold or roll the sheet and store it in a dry and safe place until its next use.

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