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Eroticgel 500ml Massage Gel Stainless Steel Bowl with Bamboo Lid

Spoil yourself with an ultimate luxurious massage experience with our Stainless Steel Massage Bowl, designed specifically for mixing nuru massage powder to create a high-quality massage gel. The bowl is expertly crafted from top-notch 304 stainless steel and boasts a sleek, modern design that is not only stylish but also highly functional.

With its large capacity of 500ml/16.9oz, our massage bowl offers ample space to mix the massage powder with water, creating a smooth and silky gel that is perfect for massage. The included bamboo lid and air seal ensure that your mixture remains fresh and free from any impurities, giving you the confidence to enjoy a truly indulgent massage experience.

Whether you are a professional masseuse or simply looking to unwind and relax at home, our Stainless Steel Massage Bowl is the perfect addition to your massage routine. So, why wait? Order yours today and experience the ultimate in massage luxury.

This set comes with one 500ml 304 Stainless Steel Bowl and 1 x Bamboo Lid and Air Seal.


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Add warm water 40-45°C or 103-113°F 250ml to 500ml. It is bet to start with 250ml and then adjust consistency.


Add Powder

Gently tear the packet and sprinkle evenly over the warm water until the packet is empty.



Either place the bamboo lid firmly on and shake or stir until dissolved to create the perfect mixture.



Wait around five minutes for the mixture to completely form into massage gel. Apply to wet skin.


Stainless Steel Bowl


To Make Massage Gel - Add Powder and Shake

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The Air Seal helps store the massage gel for one week when stored in a cool place.



Use for food storage or as a Nuru Massage bowl.

Is this only for massage?

You can use the bowl for food storage as there is an air-tight seal on the lid, keeping your massage gel fresh and anything else you can think of also!


What is Nuru Massage?

Nuru is a Japanese-style erotic massage technique. It requires one or more Nuru masseuses to rub their bodies against the clients after both are partially or fully nude whilst covering their bodies in an odourless and colourless massage lotion. During the massage, participants will try to get the most comprehensive possible physical contact, and the masseuses often use their entire bodies to be treated. Intense tactile sensations are triggered that purpose is to relieve stress.


How long can I store the Nuru Massage Powder Gel?

Our powders do not contain any preservatives, so make just what you need. If you still have some leftover gel, keep it in a cool place out of sunlight and use it as soon as possible.


Can I use the massage powder gel as a lubricant?

Our products are not made for this purpose, and the massage gel is not intended for internal use.


How long will it remain slippery?

If applied to wet skin, the gel will remain slippery for however long there remains water in the mixture. This could be 5 to 10 minutes. You can increase this time drastically by spraying water, as this will reactivate the crystals.


Can it be disposed of down the drain in my bathtub?

Yes, you can wash it down the drain as our product is water-soluble.

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  1. Excellent

    Tammy 01-09-2021

    Excellent quality, good airtight seal, I love them

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          1 review for Eroticgel 500ml Massage Gel Stainless Steel Bowl with Bamboo Lid

          1. Tammy

            Excellent quality, good airtight seal, I love them

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