Nuru Massage Gel Therapy Powder 40g Sumire Edition | Nori Seaweed & Aloe Vera | Made in Japan | Paraben & Glycerine Free | Makes 4 Litre 1.05 gal |

 A water-based Japanese massage gel powder contains Nori Seaweed and Aloe Vera, the perfect ingredients for an authentic Japanese Massage. We took your feedback and created a genuinely colourless massage gel. This is the 4th edition of our powders and excited to keep the journey going. One tablespoon can make 500ml of super thick Massage Gel or 1000ml of a thinner consistency. You can make the massage gel more slippery for massage by adding water. Also, if your bodies are wet before applying, it will create a more intense and slippery Nuru Massage Experience.

Key features

  • NORI & ALOE VERA: Massage Gel Powder is 98% Natural, with Nori Seaweed & Aloe Vera sourced from Japan.
  • VERSATILE: Massage Gel Powder is ideal for massage, relaxing therapy, and hydrating dry skin.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: Massage Gel Powder can be mixed with water to achieve your desired consistency creating the most enjoyable and relaxing experience. Can make 4 Litres/ 1.05 gal.
  • AVOID THE MESS: Massage Gel Powder is Fragrance-Free, Flavorless, Colourless & Stain Free | Skip the hassle of intense clean up you’ll find with other massage lotions, creams, and oils.
  • AUTHENTIC: Massage Gel Powder is made in Japan. Unlike other lotions and creams that are produced in bulk or made in other countries, you can trust the care that goes into creating our Japanese Made Massage Gel Powder.
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