If you’re planning on giving or receiving a Nuru Massage, you’ll need a few things to make the experience pleasurable. 

Nuru Mattress or Waterproof Sheet: A waterproof, non-absorbent surface is a must for any Nuru Massage! This will ensure that the Nuru Massage gel doesn’t absorb into the sheets or mat and become sticky. A Nuru Massage mattress is the ideal surface, as it’s specifically designed for use with the Nuru Massage gel. If you don’t have a Nuru Massage mattress, you can also use a waterproof, TPC-laminated Nuru Massage Sheet to prevent the gel from seeping through. Either way, ensure a non-absorbent surface to protect your sheets and furniture! 

Nuru Massage Gel: You’ll need a premium quality Nuru Massage gel or Nuru Massage powder for a successfully sensual experience. The best Nuru Massage gels are natural, without harmful chemicals, and can be mixed with water to create the perfect consistency for your liking. Fragrance-free, flavourless and stain-resistant Nuru Massage gels are ideal for avoiding irritation, skin reactions, or unnecessary mess. Authentic Japanese Nuru Massage gel is made with natural seaweed extract and is colourless, odourless, and tasteless for the most natural experience possible. 


What elements are needed for the perfect Nuru Massage?





A Wet and Warm Environment: To make the Nuru Massage gel more slippery and to ensure a comfortable experience, it’s crucial to have a wet and warm environment. Use a humidifier to help maintain a comfortable level of humidity in the air, and make sure the room temperature is warm enough that you won’t get cold during the massage. You can take a bath or shower right before your Nuru Massage to ensure optimal wetness and keep a bowl of water close by during the massage, but always take care when getting in and out of the tub or shower to avoid any slips!